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We create real systems that provide real benefits to real customers

Big Data

We build Big Data systems on industry leading platforms. We know how to do Big Data, it’s not easy, complexity is high but we have the experience to deliver rapid time to value. IOTW - Big Data 2.0 – Systems that work and deliver value is here with Excelerate Systems.

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Cloud environments including Amazon Web Services and Openstack can provide dramatic business and IT benefits with rapid time to value. Work with us to identify your cloud strategy and let us help you to implement it.

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Unleash your inner millennial.
All your data,
all the time,

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Comply, govern and audit your data. Deal with Internal, External and unknown threats. Make sure you don’t feature in tomorrow’s headlines.

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Big Data Paris

Bordeaux / 2015-09-23

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Big Data is important and here’s why

  • Big Data is ... well ... BIG

    New insights, new services, new analytics, lots of new stuff. All studies show, companies who adopt Big Data see daylight between them and competitors who do not adopt Big data strategies. Do you want to be a leader or do you want to be left behind?

  • Analytics

    “Information is the oil of the 21st Century and analytics is the combustion engine” [Peter Sondegaard, Gartner]

  • Volume, Velocity, Variety

    Data volumes are getting bigger, Data velocities are getting bigger, data variety is exploding. If you want to avoid getting left behind in the vapor trail, talk to us

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