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Last Mile to Big Data

IT Expert

Excelerate Systems is a leading provider of IT services and solutions in the Americas and Europe focused on Big Data, Cloud Services, Mobile and Security. Founded by 2 industry veterans, we work with enterprise level organizations by offering access to IT products and high quality services that focus on Big Data, Cloud Services and Security, as well as Managing and Monitoring of IT Operation infrastructures, ensuring compliance with key industry and regulatory standards such as SOX, PCI-DSS and ITIL.

We Build

We build highly complex systems in our four areas, Big Data, Cloud, Mobile and Security, with a combination of platforms we resell and/or support, including Open Source. We also maintain a group of highly experienced Consultants and Solution Architects who have multiple years of successfully designing and implementing these complex systems. We ensure our Consultants and Solution Architects are fully certified in their core competencies including Hadoop, Cloud Services and security.

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The company is divided into 3 geographical regions according to language affinities.

Victor Pichardo
David Bennett
David BennettCEO
Aadel Benyoussef
Aadel BenyoussefVP Europe

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