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Big Data Appliances – good or bad?


We saw in the last week that Teradata has updated their Big Data Appliance it can now ship with Cloudera and has had Hortonworks available for some time. http://ht.ly/PFrgV Although Appliances are appealing for simplicity, ease of management, lots of testing done by the vendor(s) and should work more or less out of the box, [...]

Spark and Hadoop – replace or complement?


I recently read a survey report from Typesafe of 2,136 respondents who were asked about Spark vs Hadoop. You can see the report here for yourself (registration required) https://info.typesafe.com/COLL-20XX-Spark-Survey-Report_LP.html?lst=RW&lsd=COLL-20XX-Spark-Survey-Trends-Adoption-Report The most interesting part of the report for me was that 78% of respondents were using Spark for fast processing of BATCH data sets! Think about [...]

Spark / Cloudera One Platform initiative – important? Maybe…probably


Last week Cloudera announced the One Platform initiative  http://vision.cloudera.com/one-platform/ . This is an interesting development -  we know that Spark replaced Hadoop as the most popular Apache project and that Cloudera first backed SPark publicly over a year ago.  (Hadoop still has more committers though (https://projects.apache.org/projects.html?number) . In making the announcement Cloudera also confirmed the [...]

Don’t believe the (Big Data) hype?


Two Gartner reports recently about Big Data Your Big Data projects will fail and here's why http://ht.ly/Sj41q (ZDNet Summary) Big Data ROI remains elusive http://ht.ly/Sj41q (ZDNet summary). Both reports and summaries try to inject a dose of reality into Big Data adoption. I don't plan to summarise them here, (ZDNet already did that...) but I notice two important [...]

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